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sound design

Sound Design For Video Games


Join me on an immersive journey of self-discovery and professional development. This portfolio showcases the creativity, skills, and experience that I continue to develop as I pursue my career in sound design for video games.


The following videos showcase the different audio assets that I created for a game called Intruder. This project consists of sounds that I recorded using an HD Zoom recorder, an Audio Technica condenser microphone, and sounds that I created and edited in Logic Pro X and Pro Tools 12.  All audio assets were implemented into the game using the software Wwise.


Player Sounds and objects

This video showcases the player sounds and object sounds that I created such as the character foot steps, opening and closing doors, forcefield sounds, computers, orbs and reactors.


MacGuffin Device

This video showcases the sounds that I created for the machine in the furthest room called the MacGuffin device.


Final Mix

This video showcases the final mix of all the audio assets that I created for the game Intruder such as the environmental sounds, the player sounds and objects, and the MacGuffin device sounds.



This video showcases the environmental sounds that I created such as the main spaceship ambience, five stingers, an alarm and the security station dialogue.

Forest integration and c# script

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