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remix variations

"Keeps Flowing" Admiral Crumple

Original Verse 1

 Remix Variations

Original Verse 2

Verse 1 Variation

This Song is titled "Keeps Flowing" by Admiral Crumple. I chose to remix this song to showcase a few remix techniques and capabilities such as, sound design with Logic Pro X, Rewire with Ableton Live and a guitar variation with live musician JDoom to show that an infinite amount of variations can be created for any song.

Original Verse 3

Verse 1 variation was made using Logic Pro X sound design tools such as Alchemy and Sculpture. The groove was changed to double time and a different bass and melody were also used for this variation. 

Verse 3 Variation

Verse 2 Variation

Verse 2 variation was made with a combination of Rewire from Ableton and sound design in Logic Pro. This variation features a different bass, a different melody and a new rhythm.

Original Chorus

Chorus Variation

Verse 3 variation has an added melody by guitarist JDoom whom I recorded playing an electric guitar with a 10 watt amp and an AKG C 214 condenser microphone.

For the chorus variation I chose to set the rhythm to double time for four bars then half time for the next four bars. I also chose to change the bass and the melody.

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